MEDICS is the annual conference of the Scientific Organisation of Medical Students (SOMS).

Now in our third year, we are once again bringing together world-renowned speakers and passionate trainers. Design your own conference and get a place at the events that interest you, so that you won’t miss any of our inspiring conferences or essential workshops. Have some research of your own? Submit an abstract and join the MEDICS Presentations!

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Bucharest, Romania

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19 - 22 April


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31 December 2017

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18 March 2018

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late March 2018

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19 March 2018

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2 April 2018

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5 April 2018

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tim hunt 150

Sir Tim Hunt

Switches and Latches: The Control of Entry into Mitosis

Winner of the 2001 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, Sir Tim Hunt had his first lecture in Bucharest at MEDICS 2016. He presented the discovery of cyclins, proteins of great importance for cell cycle control, providing an in-depth look at his breakthrough experiments.

hannah 150

Hannah Monyer

The Role of Inhibition in Learning and Memory

Hannah Monyer received the Leibniz prize in 2004 for her research aimed at the molecular mechanisms that facilitate cognitive processes like learning and remembering. For her MEDICS Keynote Lecture, she explained her main findings and their implications.


Wg Cdr Ankur Pandya

War and Peace - The plastic surgeon's view

A first-hand account of what it means to provide emergency medical treatment in war zones. Wing Commander Ankur Pandya, Royal Air Force, a multi award winning plastic surgeon, shared his experience of dealing with battlefield cases during his numerous missions.


Nicole Shilkofski

Updates in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation: The Science Behind the Guidelines

Dr. Nicole Shilkofski, Associate Professor at Johns Hopkins University and an American Heart Association consultant, talked about her work on the revision of the AHA resuscitation guidelines, with emphasis on pediatric advanced life support.




This original SOMS Workshop was a rare opportunity to perform one of the most widely-used molecular diagnostics techniques. At COMPASS, participants were patiently guided through the steps of their first Polymerase Chain Reaction using a real forensic science kit.

SSCR Basic Skills in Obstetrics and Gynaecology

SSCR Workshops

Our friends from SSCR (The Student Surgical Society from Romania) are the best when it comes to teaching surgery. For MEDICS, they offered a wide range of highly engaging workshops, to help participants learn both basic and advanced surgical procedures.



SMURD is the Romanian emergency medical service that deals with the most difficult cases. They have a vast experience not only in prompt interventions, but in teaching as well - and their MEDICS workshops provided the best practical introduction to emergency care protocols.


PONDERAS - Laparoscopic Surgery Simulator

Organized in partnership with Karl Storz and Regina Maria Ponderas Academic Hospital, during this workshop participants practiced a diverse array of surgical maneuvers on a laparoscopic simulator, replicating essential minimally invasive procedures.



Scientific Organisation of Medical Students

SOMS is a students’ association that promotes cutting-edge medical research and MEDICS is one way of accomplishing our mission. Throughout its 30-year existence, our organization has evolved – and it doesn’t plan to stop. Learn more about our exciting projects and explore the latest SOMS events on the Official Website.